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If you are looking forward to making any special occasion an epic celebration then event planner should be your best pal.

We plan various types of events such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, romantic candle light dinners, or any kind of celebration that you have in your mind. We turn your plans into reality.

We have a fair charging policy. Our charges are very upfront, there are no hidden charges whatsoever. We have a package system for every celebration which you can pick from and pay the exact amount for the package. However, if you like for an addon with your package then you have to only pax the extra for the addon.

No, we do not entertain any refunds after the event booking. After you book the event, we start the preparation. Our team starts with planning and then and in this phase we have to purchase the raw materials as well. So if you cancel the order in middle we cannot offer you any refund, sorry ☹️

We specially offer the decoration service, such as balloon decoration, flower decoration and so on. We do not deal with the food supply, venue and catering. However, we do offer cakes, gifting options and chocolates and confectionery.

The answer depends on you. If it is just a room decoration then it can be done in a day however, if you want a large space decoration with various elements then you need to contact us 3 to 4 days ago so that we can offer you the best that you deserve.

We have more than 5 years experience in the event planning sector, we have worked with multiple happy clients and delivered them with grand celebrations that they have remembered till date.

Yes, we do have gifting options, from flowers to chocolates to other options is available for making a perfect

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