5 Steps Guide for a Perfect Cake Table Decorations for Kids Birthday Party

The Cake Table Decoration is an important part for any kids birthdayparty. It’s one of the most important
elements second only to the backdrop decorations. In this guide I’ll show you some simple table decorations
ideas for birthday which will go hand in hand with your overall birthday party theme and make the decor look
There are essentially 5 important elements to a Perfect Cake Cutting Table Decor

#1 Beautiful Table Covers

The first step to a beautiful table decoration is of course a table cover. They are easily available on Amazon or
any other DIY website. These table cloths are mostly white in the center and have a themed design on the
sides which flow off from the table. You can find table cloths for almost all themes like Cars, Frozen, Baby
Shark, Boss Baby etc
Price Range: ₹150 to ₹1000
Explore Here: Table Cover for Birthday Party

#2 Cup Cake with Toppers

These are according to me the cutest elements of the decor. Get simple cupcakes from the bakery and put on
each one of them these themed cake toppers. They can be bought online or can even be made at home by
simple taking out print outs and putting them on the cupcakes using toothpicks. This is one of the most simple
ideas to implement.
Price Range: ₹25-₹100 per piece
Explore Here: Cake Toppers

#3 Table Center Piece

Every decoration needs a highlight which in our case would be Balloon Bouquet Centerpiece. This is a very
popular piece of decoration for kids birthday parties. You can buy them online or do it yourself as well. All you
need for this is a foil balloon based on your theme and some more balloons and a balloon stand
Price Range: ₹899 to ₹2500
Explore Here: Kids Balloon Bouquet

#4 Themed Cutlery & Tableware

For all the Kids coming to the party, you can buy themed tableware and cutlery. The tables, cups, spoons etc
can be personalized based on the decoration theme and are cheap and easy way to enhance the decorations!
Price Range: ₹200 to ₹1000
Explore Here: Tableware for Kids Birthday Party

#5 Cake Stand

One of the most important elements of any bday party is the cake and that makes the cake stand equally
important. The cake stand helps the cake stand out (pun intended) on the table and is important for the table
Price Range: ₹3000 to ₹5000
Explore Here: Cake Stands

#6 Table Decor Backdrop

Even if you have an amazing Table Decoration – If you dont have an amazing backdrop to go with it the
decoration is still not complete! We have a complete guide on different kinds of possible Backdrops for a
Birthday Party which you can read about!
Price Range: ₹500 to ₹15000
Explore Here: Unique Backdrops for Birthday Party Decorations

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