10 Fun Activities & Entertainment Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Events

Everyone loves a Kids Birthday Party! But organizing them on your own can get quite challenging. Specially
figuring out how to keep the kids entertained otherwise they can get naughty if they get bored! So worry not,
here are 10 Kids Party Entertainment ideas which you can arrange on your own or book a service of a
Magician / Magic Show
Nothing beats the collective “Wooooowwww” moment of kids surprised by a perfect magic tricks. Book a
Professional Magician who can keep the young fellas engaged for hours with his neat magic show!
Price Range: ₹2500 to ₹5000
Explore Here: Magic Show at Birthday Party
Tattoo Artist
If anyone who can make the kids sit at their places literally at a birthday party is a Tattoo Artist. They draw
beautiful small designs like unicorns, butterflies, avengers on your baby’s hands or face using safe paints which
can be easily removed later. The kids love it and they make a great group photo with different tattoo’s on
everyone’s face!
Price Range: ₹1800 to ₹4000
Explore Here: Tattoo Artist for Children
Big Jumping Bouncy
What better way to burn that extra energy in the kids than allowing them to jump endlessly in a bouncy made
of a gigantic balloon. Kids love jumping in it for hours and doing fun stuff. Must have if you are going to have a
lot of kids at the party!
Best suited for children parties and they are sure to make your kid feel special and bring that amazing smile on
their face which we always crave for!
Price Range: ₹5500 to ₹10000
Explore Here: Bouncy Castle for Kids Party
Games & Game Coordinator
Kids love games! Treasure Hunts, Musical Chairs, Tambola / Bingo, Three-Legged Race and more. Divide them
into teams or let them play solo. Add some surprise prizes for the winners and see them participate in hordes.
Anyone with a little bit of experience of handling kids can easily host games and coordinate on their own but if
you feel you would miss the party we can always hire a professional Game Coordinator to handle this for us!
Price Range: ₹5500 to ₹7000
Explore Here: English Game Coordinator for Kids Birthday Party
Caricature Artist
This professional is just like a Tattoo artist but draws a mini cartoon version of your kid which he / she can
keep forever! They really require your child to be patient but the end result is amazing and really inspires
them. You can frame the drawing later and remember this day forever!
Price Range: ₹3000 to ₹5000
Explore Here: Caricature Artist for Birthday Party
Puppet Show
Children love stories – especially those being told by funny characters and dolls. A Puppet show can mesmerize
the kids for hours (depending on how intriguing the story is). It’s easy to find Professional Puppet Show Artists
(or a Ventriloquist) these days for fun birthday parties
Price Range: ₹4000 to ₹7000
Explore Here: Puppet Show or Mimicry Artist
Live Cartoon Characters
These lovable characters are the heart of any kids party. Dressed in your child’s favorite cartoon characters
they go around making the children smile and give them warm hugs! Kids love running around them and
getting selfies with them.
Price Range: ₹3000 to ₹5000
Explore Here: Live Cartoon Characters
Cotton Candy Counter
Buddhi ke baal as they were popularly known back in the day, though are complete sugary treats but
childhood is the only time we can enjoy them without worrying about anything else. One can easily book a
Cotton Candy Counter at a Kid’s Birthday party these days!
Price Range: ₹400 to ₹1000
Explore Here: Cotton Candy Counter
Balloon Modeling Activity
This is another activity which really inspires kids and make them explore their creativity The professional
Balloon Modeler uses regular balloons to make interesting objects like Animals, Buildings, Planes, Cars and
what not. Book a Trained Balloon Modeler and let your kid’s imaginations run wild
Price Range: ₹2500 to ₹5000
Explore Here: Balloon Modeling Activity
Mini Basketball
This is just a regular basket ball net with basketballs. The kids can spend hours throwing balls in the net. Fun
activity to keep them busy for a while. (P.S did you know, playing basketball is great for hand eye coordination
of kids ? )
Price Range: ₹2000 to ₹2500
Explore Here:Basketball Net Game for Party

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